Don’t think about transactions, think about relations. Don’t think about the return on investment, think about research and development. Don’t think about universal products, think about products satisfying specific needs. (Garner Bornstein)

Winning clients and building long-term relations with them constitutes the key processes performed using CRM systems. The more clients your company has, the more difficult it is to provide a personal approach to each of them The essence of CRM is to understand the client and offer them a product which satisfies their needs and, to foster the building of long-term relationships.

Broadly defined, client relations management aims to achieve the client’s satisfaction with the quality of service and increasing client loyalty through building a history of cooperation. Undertaking activities oriented towards the individual needs of clients and the possibility to react quickly to their problems, for example, providing a quick response to an incident, are the cornerstones of a long-term business relationship.
Thanks to the CRM system, the fundamental information regarding the clients of a company is located in one place. Creating such a comprehensive and functional database of recipients which helps other employees successfully cooperate with the clients induces a higher turnover and reduces customer service related costs.

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