Design of information systems

The foundations of a sound company are properly chosen, adjusted to the scale and the specifics of your company IT solutions. Thanks to the reliable analysis of the functioning standards, the identification of the needs of the organization and being based on its development forecast, we create an IT system customized for your company. When designing, we put emphasis on the integration of the existing solutions with the new ones, simultaneously building up the current IT system and enriching it with new technological solutions.

The expertise of the system architect, based on the administration of a number of similar tasks is a crucial one when designing systems of such a type. Everest-IT architects who are responsible for projects regarding IT systems integration strategies have long-term experience in the administration of such projects for the production, service and automotive industries. A coherent conception of the “White label” systems that we introduce, created on the basis of an in-depth analysis and deep understanding of the mechanisms governing the functioning of an organization along with the recommendations of solutions precisely customized to the needs and targets set by the management of the company, has gained the recognition of our clients.