Information Technology Audits

Analysis and optimization of the existing business processes quite often is a key to a considerable increase of a company’s performance and the internal efficiency of a company is a fundamental element of gaining a competitive advantage.

Each organization, regardless of its nature, can be characterized as a set of internally related processes. The effective functioning of an organization largely depends on the consistent management of information and the use of existing resources or logic and clear connections among processes. Their thorough analysis paves the way for a better understanding of a given company and enables the identification of so called “bottle necks” which negatively impacts on the running of a company and very often prevents their development.

The audit carried out by Everest-IT is the first step to improve the functioning of your company. Its main objective is to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and to identify its weak points and present possible solutions aiming to improve the functioning and management of a company. Another step is the systematization and optimization of all business processes taking place at the company and including them in an electronic document management system. The increase of company turnover by several dozen percent a year is a proof of the effectiveness as well as the efficiency of our audits.